Community Discussion - February 2021

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This is a forum for community comments, ideas and discussion. 

Background information about the existing conditions of the property:

The 26.5 acre site has some constraining physical features that lead to the determination of the highest and best use being parks and recreational facilities. These physical constraints also play a role in how the site can be developed for parks and recreational facilities, which include:

1)      Constructability of Buildings: Substantial fill materials have been placed on the property over a couple decades to fill in some of the former lagoons. This fill is a conglomerate of different materials and in some places is almost 20 feet deep. The fill was not structural fill, thus foundations for any buildings would be cost prohibitive, except potentially a small portion of land at the NW west corner of the property which we believe has the least disturbance.

2)      Topography: There is an elevation difference of almost 20 feet between the elevation of the land along the river and the elevation of the upper western half of the property.

3)      Sanitation Pump Station: 3-5 acres at the SW corner of the lot will need to be reserved for the Sanitation Pump Station facility that was installed to replace the sewer lagoons.

4)      Wetlands: There are established wetlands on the property that were created as part mitigation requirements from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers for other past Town projects.

5)      Floodplain: Most of the property is within the floodplain (special development consideration for buildings) and much of the property along the river is in the Floodway (no building construction allowed and strict limitations on adding additional fill). FEMA recently approved a remapping (LOMR) application of the floodplain on the property which resulted in the reduction of how much land is officially in the floodway.

6)      Access and Utility Easements: There is an existing access and utility easement along the western edge of the property. The access easement provides legal access to the property to the south. 

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